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First night even more out

by on अप्रैल 5, 2012


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  1. Well, wordpress seems to be playing a joke on me and I cannot type anything, so enjoy just the photo until I find our how to fix this. You can also solve the puzzle – what is it?

  2. toki permalink

    so the puzzle is: what’s the puzzle?
    anyway you can write here 🙂

  3. toki permalink

    ok I realized that the puzzle you’re talking about is in the previous post…

  4. toki permalink

    Anyway, it would be simpler, better if you wrote on facebook, I can see it immediately, it works, so on.

  5. Sometimes I have the feeling that the whole internet will move to facebook…
    The puzzle is – which city is this ship in?

  6. toki permalink

    I love to solve puzzles:

  7. toki permalink

    What are you doing in Las Vegas?

  8. wow, nice job! nothing, we are just listening to the treasure island audio-book…

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