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What are brothers good for?

by on मार्च 27, 2012

Now that I am in India, it was a bit difficult to apply for Hungarian research grants OTKA PD and Bolyai but thanks to our helpful secretary at ELTE and my brother I managed to get all the required documents signed by them me and send them. Although (partially from my fault) my brother sent the mail one day after the deadline, at least we know for sure that it arrived, as he accidentally wrote the committee’s address to the sender and his to the recipient… Now my poor mum took it in in person to explain what happened, so at least now my fate is in the hands of someone who is not my brother. Okay, I should not complain as much as he keeps us alive by uploading series to our dropbox that we can download in the office and then take it home on a usb drive. Feels like XX. century.


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4 टिप्पणियाँ
  1. toki permalink

    thx for the invitation 🙂

  2. np, I get a bonus for referrals 😉 so for all others as well:

  3. toki permalink

    Ok, but I didn’t download the software yet.

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