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Why did my favorite blog stop?

by on मार्च 20, 2012

Well, the reasons, as usual, are of a multiple and complicated nature. Most important, probably, is that at home we have a very weak internet, and we had a long break which made it less attractive to be bored in the office, combined with the visit of Padmini’s dad. But why do we have such a slow internet? Simply because Reliance, who sold us the data and sim card, claims that we have already used up all the 15 gb that we paid for, and after that it slows down. They do not want to believe us that it was always slow, that according to the data stored on my laptop it shows way less than 1 gb and their system seems to store only that 15 gbs are over. So much fit to today, time to go home, more complaints to come soon!


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  1. We got 4 wireless gb in Switzerland when we lived in the place too old to have such wires… I guess the exchange rate between swiss and indian bits is either 1:4 or 4:1. Also are you sure whether it’s bits or bytes?

    Muah ha ha I am taking up your bits.

    And a few more.

  2. toki permalink

    Maybe the Reliance doesn’t know whats the difference between MB and GB.

  3. The problem is that even before we started it was all used up, although the seller even opened our card and checked when we bought it. So unless he used 15gb’s in ten seconds, something is wrong.

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