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by on फ़रवरी 29, 2012

So last week was the last celebration of IIT Delhi’s 50th anniversary with cultural events. Thursday we saw Veronica’s room by Ira Levin, which was a nice psycho-drama. It was in the seminar hall from 7, which means that we went there by 7, a lot of people went in and out until quarter to 8, when the show started and then even more people moved (mainly inwards). Next day there were three plays, two from Premchand, one of Padmini’s favorite authors. I asked someone and he said that all three plays that night would be in hindi. Knowing my superior skills, however, I nonetheless attended. At 7 we entered exactly at the part linked to by the youtube video and a few minutes later it turned out that they are just rehearsing… So it again started around 8, first the Tevye wins a fortune, which seemed a little simple, but after that the Premchand’s were worth staying for, although not all of us could understand every word of it. Yesterday we decided to skip Kagemusha (another perfect language practice) as on a giant poster put next to the IIT main gate over the sidewalk (really, it is blocking almost all of the sidewalk) it was scheduled from 6:30, on a flyer from 8 and we got a mail which announced it from 8:30, so probably it would not have ended way after midnight…

And for those who want some challenges, try these. Ps. please don’t post the solutions here (not like any of you had any chance of solving any, just in case you hear it from someone…)


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