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Moving on

by on फ़रवरी 27, 2012

So it happened, we settled in our new place. It is about 40 square meters, two smaller rooms with bathroom, kitchen and many cockroaches. We bought an instant geyser which makes almost lukewarm water in the shower and a datacard to connect us to the rest of the world. Otherwise we live our usual daily life, today they organized a Japanese flea market at the center where we go for our course, so we bought many Japanese books. Unfortunately for us the food was meat with teriyaki, which is essentially a BBQ.

What else do we do in our freetime? For example this:

Now time to prepare the midterm test for the students, which will be a take home for two weeks, so tough problems from disc & comb geometry are welcome!


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  1. bela permalink

    this is really an amazing answer!

  2. toki permalink

    What is teriyaki like and how come you couldn’t get a veg food in India?

  3. てりやき (teriyaki) is a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine in which foods are broiled or grilled in a sweet soy sauce marinade (tare in Japanese). Teriyaki is served in most modern Japanese cuisines. (from wikipedia ofcourse)
    and they did have veg food, some fried noodles thing… but it was stuffed away in some inaccessible corner, so we couldnt verify its existence… but we did have a cold green tea drink!

  4. toki permalink

    That sounds delicious.Maybe when you come back, we should make these instead of pizzas 🙂
    Also I like sushi very much, and have the recipe, so is you are interested in that, we can make some.

  5. toki permalink

    What are the news?
    My mango tree is beautiful.Papaya has not germinated yet, but I believe it will.
    Recently I got sick from probably too much pizza or an infection.So I have time, but can’t do anything than sleep and drink some water or tea.This is the 2nd day, and fortunately my fever (~37 C) has gone and I could eat some toast.Now I could use a fresh, tasty papaya or mango 🙂

  6. So we were also a bit sick lately, plus we have slow internet at our new place and it was spring break plus Padmini’s dad visited, so that’s why no blogging offlate. Knowing you, I guess too much pizza…

  7. toki permalink

    I can’t believe, but the papaya seed sprouted this morning 🙂 It opened and now I can put them in soil.

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