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by on फ़रवरी 15, 2012

you know how any horror movie proceeds? A nice couple goes on a nice vacation, they get a nice apartment and everything is so rosy and good its almost  unbelievable, and rightly so… well, our horror movie just got interesting… it started with a call, it always does! day before yesterday late in the evening we got a call mentioning that we apparently have to move out of our almost perfect apartment at a very short notice…  and yesterday morning some guys came and shut out our water without the slightest notice! when we went to the guest house to report this, the guys were like it was more important we hunt for our new apartment, but we were running late for our class etc, so the guy takes out his scooter keys and asks us, have you ever ridden a scooter? we go no, and he’s like, well its easy… so then with Domi doing his first driving in the terror stricken streets of IIT-delhi (actually its probably the safest place to drive in Delhi), we went to hunt for a new apartment. There was only one, about quarter the size of our current one, with paint falling off the walls, cobwebs like the spiders had ages to build them, the fans with a thick layer of black something that gives me the shivers… at least there we have neighbors, and they seemed kedves (nice). they will get it cleaned/ painted etc etc (not the neighbors, the maintenance guys) and we will have to move there in approx a week. so we try to relish our current apartment as best as we can. but how can we do so without water you ask? well, the solution to this is like how everything works in India… people always have solutions, and always unconventional ones. they call it “kaam chalaana” here… The guest house guys gave us a ground floor apartment’s key, so that we can go there to use the WC. well, the commute is not more than 10 meters, and it doesn’t bother us, its just funny… for a week, we not only have a remarkably nice apartment, we have a separate luxury closet with TV! carpe diem!

the photo is of course by my sophisticated husband 🙂


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  1. come on!
    where are you?
    and the photos?

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