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Mistery solved!

by on फ़रवरी 10, 2012

So we had our great flat warming party featuring all (except our japanese teacher) mentioned in the previous post. It was quite nice, but also not the usual party, at least with western eyes. That is to say, I had more alcohol than all the others combined, which would be nothing close to unusual, except for the fact that I only had one beer and one glass of wine. Different culture, plus the students might not have felt the need to get drunk in front of us before they get their final grades, so they just sticked to the common guava juice. At least it was not revealed that we could not buy enough alcohol as the day of the party turned out to be a national remembrance day of the birth anniversary of a freedom fighter, on which no alcohol could be sold.

We have also managed to learn that the place where we eat every day and thought to be the Holistic food center is just the Staff canteen. Somehow we misinterpreted the signs the very first day and ever since we thought that we eat healthy food that even tastes as good as deep fried! (Although Padmini tried to raise issues that it very much looks deep fried, but the fact of eating holistic pacified our conscience.) At least now we tried the Holistic too – a much smaller place, open air, healthier food and freshly squeezed fruit juice, all for less than a buck!

We also got our first pay checks. I felt like in TV getting some lump sum. (I am holding the check with my ID card, which is a printed paper that has my photo attached to it to make sure noone else can cash in the other printed paper.) As we felt uncomfortable walking around with so much cash, we straight went to the bank to deposit. There was a huge queue but it turned out that if you deposit with a debit card, then you are allowed to cut the line, so we could go front. The only catch was that this made all fifty people in bank stare at us during the whole transaction, which was not so fast. It turned out that there is a limit on how much cash you can deposit, but it is only a one time limit and not a daily limit – so basically we had to repeat the transaction three times…

And finally, just to show that sometimes I still do math related stuff:


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  1. toki permalink

    egyszer kipróbálhatnánk egy csocsónál hogy a kart kiékeljük, így unlimited golyó 🙂

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