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Flat warming

by on फ़रवरी 7, 2012

Finally we have recovered from the catastrophic loss of the wifi for more than two days. It was a time of hardship but we managed to survive using up our already downloaded resources. Unfortunately here we live behind the IIT proxy that does not allow torrenting (in exchange all scientific stuff is accessible) so we had to buy some dvd’s as well.

Today I discovered a very interesting phenomena: The temperature here is almost precisely the inverse of the temperature at home! We decided to celebrate this with a flat warming party, which should be quite similar to the one we had in Lausanne – we also live in the backyard (this time of a guest house) and we also have heating only in a small bedroom while the rest of the apartment is pretty cold. This time the invitees are mainly our students, plus the family of Naveen Garg (who invited us here) and Anand, our japanese teacher. Btw, some more movie titles to decode:

1- eafoosuwan
2- turubiriiwaa
3- maneetorein
4- daburuchiimu
5- misshontuumaazu
6- furattorainaazu
7- zarokku
8- suteihangurii
9- goorudofingaa

Apart from this puzzle, the challenge for the 2nd place to discover our blog is still on! (Although if you are in the race, probably won’t be reading this in time…) To help a bit more, let me mention that here in the liquor store a beer is 60 rupees (kingfisher, but you have heineken, carlsberg, all the british beers and even japanese for more, not to mention australian alcopops), the cheapest wine is 520 (!!! indian, almost all other wines our imported and are over 1000) and you can get a wide variety of british drinks that are not that popular elsewhere, like gin, sherry and probably even pimm’s. Oh well, I hope that was enough key words for google…


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  1. toki permalink

    At this time, I had managed to get an RSS notification in the browser (that was not easy)
    About the puzzle: are the letters scrambled, or there is another thing.The word length is the same than the title’s?

  2. toki permalink

    wait, I noticed the other blog topic 🙂

  3. toki permalink

    I think we should practice more for that:

  4. Virag permalink

    So do you get altbier there as well?

  5. bela permalink

    9 goldfinger
    4 double team?
    i think i am getting good at this

  6. Maybe you need a flat-cooling party instead of warming?

    Also, I can’t get any of them not got above, but 8 reminds me of farsi for Grape Ape, ‘gorille angoori’

    • For 8 the only thing to know is that u is often silent. From here a food expert should have no difficulties!

      • That’s crazy, I didn’t know that was a movie. Jeff Bridges and Schwarzenegger seem like diametrical opposites and it shocks me that they are in a movie together.

        Also the ‘u’ helps with 7: The Rock!

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