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by on जनवरी 30, 2012

having been quite unfortunate in finding a hindi course for Domi or some other Indian language course for me, the only nearby option we could find was Japanese! the course is quite fun and we are learning how crazy the script is. they use one script for eredeti (original) japanese words (called hiragana), another for foreign words (katakana), and just for fun they throw in some chinese script (kanji) every now and then… and after being accustomed to the remarkably scientific devanagiri or telugu script, these are quite a shock… but luckily again the internet for rescue… there are movie name flash card games to practice the writing system, a sample of them below. comment in the actual movie titles if you can. for example: amerikanhaato is american heart. (sometimes r is l or v is b etc)

1- yangufurankenshutain
2- fifusuerumento
3- paison
4- sukyandaru
5- toremaazu
6- raiaaraiaa
7- magunoria
8- dokutaadoritoru
9- tuumusutoon
10- erinburokobichchi
11- mootarukonbatto
12- shiizusooraburii

Also, for anything besides grocery, we seem to always end up in this little, tiny, absolutely minuscule thing of a shop that seems to contain everything you might hope for. stationary, nyomtato, xerox, sim cards, cell phones and recently we discovered they make passport photos at 80/8.  and below you can see how they do this and it really brings up the question, why are there still those stupid booths all over europe to make photographs?


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  1. toki permalink

    I realised, that I know some japanese words too: sushi, maki, nori, wasabi, dojo, oss, tatami, gi, tori, uki, ippon, yukon, dachi, tsusoku, obi van kenobi 🙂

  2. toki permalink

    Anyway, I am going to plant papaya and mango trees 🙂 Today I bought one of them at tesco.

  3. toki permalink

    And do You used to eat them?I guess there are many in India on the market, but I don’t know how much is the price for them.
    Here the papaya is 400huf (89 rupees), and the mango 269huf (60 rupees).Quite expensive, but I was curious about the fruit and the taste.And now I have plenty of seeds (Carica Papaya, I guess the hawaiian type).

    • mvspadmini permalink

      ya we buy one every week here.. they are for 30rs a kilo (papaya)… mangos are there only in the summer… should we get some indian papaya/mango seeds for you? well, its hard to describe their taste, but they are phenomenal! maybe I’ll take a picture of one the next time we buy it….

  4. toki permalink

    I would thank you for some dwarf papita seeds 🙂 I read that the Mango seed have to be planted as soon as can be.Also it takes 4-5 years to get fruits from it, and indoor planting no advised if I would like to get fruit 😦
    I like pictures, too 🙂

  5. toki permalink

    Wuzzup.Here it’s -15°C at night, and going to snow recently.I am looking for some 50l+ container for the papaya seeds.It’s not easy to find cheap ones.

  6. toki permalink

    Hello 🙂
    For the papaya and mango tree, I can make a bit moist air with wet laundry (used to get them dry in my room).And this room has got good orientation (south-east), so the sun shines in from the morning till about 12h.I am sure about that the plant would have better place to grow.But I read many reports, that people managed to grow it indoors (papaya), and made fruit too.
    They like much much guano, so I am thinking about buying a hen 🙂
    Fortunately its available in shops, but I will search for a cheaper solution (buy some guano for several HUF-s, anyway, what can it be used for).
    Thanks for the sapota seeds, but I can’t grow so much plants 😦
    Now my problem is with planting, is that the pots are expensive, so as the special soil for them.About 2000 HUF/pot, and 5000 for the soil/plant (and I will need a least 3 of them to be sure about I will get a male plant) so I am really thinking about aborting this project.

  7. bela permalink

    8 – dr doolittle! जनवरी! (i dont know what this means)

  8. bela permalink

    11 mortal kombat
    10 erin brockovich
    7 magnolia
    3 poison?

  9. bela permalink

    1 young frankenstein

  10. bela permalink

    aaaaaaa, you screwed up my pattern! i wanted to rule the message board on the right!

  11. mvspadmini permalink

    its almost bedtime here, you can still take the lead… or maybe get a life…

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