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Eljen Majus 1!

by on जनवरी 26, 2012

Let me explain the title to our non-Hungarian readers (not like we had any, but since we also don’t have any Hungarians either, it might come handy. Btw, if you do happen to be a reader, please let us know asap!). Explanation. In India they do not celebrate this, but today is Republic day which reminded me a lot to those parades in socialist Hungary that I am too young to remember. This day we did not have to walk all the way to the Holistic food center (I could not find a photo, so you have to wait until Petr Kolman puts his photos on the web) for lunch to buy a thali for 20 rupees but instead could join (for free 😉 the IIT family gathering at the sport field, where the daddies played cricket, mommies and daughters raced with lemon in their mouth, sons could try archery and we could eat all kinds of food from the buffet like pigs.

Anyhow, India really feels like Hungary was in the ’80’s, at least as much as I can remember. Like the milk is not in a box, but in plastic, fresh milk expires in less than 21 days, so we got to go to the grocery store at least every second day, eggs are not in a box and might have poo on them, tomatos are small and taste like tomatos and so on. But apart from food, the whole management is similar. Faculty is given housing on campus in state/university owned apartments, some of which look like nice suburban villas, others like the worst block of flats (take a guess which one we live in!). The price of food, transport and other basic things is negligible compared to (our) salaries.

Of course there are also differences. Most importantly, the food is incredibly tasty and after it you gotto clean your hindquarters with your left. Also, if you wish, you can get any western thing, spend your whole life living like in the US, driving (or being driven) between your home, workplace and fancy malls. And of course, all that we enjoy, is only available to the middle class and above. Even on campus there are little sheds where workers live with their families, making fire in the evening, living from much less than the poverty line. But somehow here everybody takes it for granted that there are riches and poors and accept their fate. Being different by birth is as natural as the dogs, puppies, squirrels, peacocks walking all over the campus.

And finally a nice puzzle that I heard on monday, rephrased to incite interest in our western readers: Suppose you have four beer and four shot glasses in this order in a line, next to each other. You want to reorder them such that they are still next to each other in a line, but in alternating order, for obvious reasons. One move is that you can lift two adjacent glasses and put them elsewhere on the line, in the same order. (Adjacent means right next to each other.) Show that four moves are enough.


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  1. toki permalink

    but on the reply I can’t understand what to write in the rows (written in hindi?)
    hmm, when left blank, it has appeared in english

    • Nice, but I had something else in mind: If you take out two glasses, then there will be two empty spaces between them, so on the sides of the empty space they will not be adjacent. Like if you take out 2 and 3 from between 1 and 4, they are still not adjacent!

  2. toki permalink

    alternating by twice, or once?
    (got it by twice)

  3. toki permalink

    I realised, that if i would use numbers instead of beers, may be easier a bit (just take them into two groups: pair, impair).A computer algorhythm may be used for that 🙂

  4. toki permalink

    in the start are the two outer parts are adjacent?

  5. toki permalink

    Maybe I fuckin’ drink all the glasses instead of guessing, killing less brain cells 😛

  6. toki permalink

    After my last comment, I went to the RCmodel club at kőbánya, took a bus, and tried to solve this puzzle on my cellphone (using notepad).Tried to solve in reverse (seemed to be easier like this).
    In my next comment I give my solution, and if you don’t want the other friends to see the solution, you can moderate that.

  7. toki permalink

    oOOoOoO o
    oOOo OOoo
    o oOOOOoo

    in reverse of course

  8. toki permalink

    I know what adjacent means from CIV 1 :o)

  9. toki permalink

    I wonder if I get email notification when a new topic is created by you.I guess not.

  10. toki permalink

    If you’re bored, here is a little game (it’s not easy to play through), I’ve made all the parts of the series (

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