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breakfast at iit

by on जनवरी 9, 2012

Just 4 days in IIT and so many hurdles yet so many interesting people. There are competent people, yet things take so long to happen. I started this post in a notepad while waiting for my computer’s internet to start working. Well, just another way of killing time…it feels like the strength and weakness of the entire system here is that everything is a maybe. the maybe means, in some cases, possibilities and freedom, while in other cases indefinite waits and delays…

But coming to the title of the post, we have our breakfast every day at the faculty guest house. every meal here has been with a new set of people. Some are here for interviews, some to recruit, some just visiting while some will permanently move to IIT. By now we’ve met a tennis player who decided to do PDE’s (!), a physicist (that was hard to spell), a professor from IIT kharagpur who decided to open colleges in AP for rural people (here’s the homepage and the above picture is also from their university. I am guessing these are apartments), a guy working in the cafeteria for 15yrs who decided to chuck it all and try opening his own store and breakfast shop (I wish him good luck!), a chemistry professor from Oxford and ofcourse, a combinatorist (its hard to avoid them!)…

we got our apartment yesterday and after a big shopping session, we now have all the equipment to make our own breakfast! I wonder, should we?


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  1. to ease finding the blog, let me add that we have not played csocso, watched barca games or had beer (in delhi) yet. but at least yesterday we bought a backgammon set, we also watched kabaddi and had some kingfisher in hyderabad. (its a dry campus here with no pubs anywhere in the city (just bars) as far as I know)

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