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Well, this time I don’t dare to insert a picture, but what is the need, when here is a link! Oh, boy, how many times I played with this… So in the previous blog I wanted to post that when we are not watching/reading something, then we are listening to the audio book of Treasure Island, moreover, today I even started programming, since last week I have already won a few games of civilization and strategic command, while Padmini plays about a dozen dicewars every day… I wish my work was something that I can do anywhere, anytime, without any excuses.


First night even more out

My first night out! Oh-Oh…

After three month of being in India, I finally had my first big going out party because of the you-know-which game. So while Padmini was sleeping peacefully, I went out to party – went out, to our other room! Luckily the fridge still contained most of the beers I bought two months ago for the flat warming party – they have even survived the loss of the flat, but they were doomed now that we had a working datacard (we decided it’s the simplest if we buy it from the same place where they screwed us over last time, that way we don’t have to fill out all the forms again, as we just “re”-load our card).

Needless to say to those who know the score already how great the party was, not to mention that I was forced to watch most of the game on At least I have almost made a big fortune by betting on betfair that there would be at least 8 and a half goals with half of my remaining money, 2 eurocents…

Our puzzle – why this picture?

What are brothers good for?

Now that I am in India, it was a bit difficult to apply for Hungarian research grants OTKA PD and Bolyai but thanks to our helpful secretary at ELTE and my brother I managed to get all the required documents signed by them me and send them. Although (partially from my fault) my brother sent the mail one day after the deadline, at least we know for sure that it arrived, as he accidentally wrote the committee’s address to the sender and his to the recipient… Now my poor mum took it in in person to explain what happened, so at least now my fate is in the hands of someone who is not my brother. Okay, I should not complain as much as he keeps us alive by uploading series to our dropbox that we can download in the office and then take it home on a usb drive. Feels like XX. century.

Why did my favorite blog stop?

Well, the reasons, as usual, are of a multiple and complicated nature. Most important, probably, is that at home we have a very weak internet, and we had a long break which made it less attractive to be bored in the office, combined with the visit of Padmini’s dad. But why do we have such a slow internet? Simply because Reliance, who sold us the data and sim card, claims that we have already used up all the 15 gb that we paid for, and after that it slows down. They do not want to believe us that it was always slow, that according to the data stored on my laptop it shows way less than 1 gb and their system seems to store only that 15 gbs are over. So much fit to today, time to go home, more complaints to come soon!


So last week was the last celebration of IIT Delhi’s 50th anniversary with cultural events. Thursday we saw Veronica’s room by Ira Levin, which was a nice psycho-drama. It was in the seminar hall from 7, which means that we went there by 7, a lot of people went in and out until quarter to 8, when the show started and then even more people moved (mainly inwards). Next day there were three plays, two from Premchand, one of Padmini’s favorite authors. I asked someone and he said that all three plays that night would be in hindi. Knowing my superior skills, however, I nonetheless attended. At 7 we entered exactly at the part linked to by the youtube video and a few minutes later it turned out that they are just rehearsing… So it again started around 8, first the Tevye wins a fortune, which seemed a little simple, but after that the Premchand’s were worth staying for, although not all of us could understand every word of it. Yesterday we decided to skip Kagemusha (another perfect language practice) as on a giant poster put next to the IIT main gate over the sidewalk (really, it is blocking almost all of the sidewalk) it was scheduled from 6:30, on a flyer from 8 and we got a mail which announced it from 8:30, so probably it would not have ended way after midnight…

And for those who want some challenges, try these. Ps. please don’t post the solutions here (not like any of you had any chance of solving any, just in case you hear it from someone…)

Moving on

So it happened, we settled in our new place. It is about 40 square meters, two smaller rooms with bathroom, kitchen and many cockroaches. We bought an instant geyser which makes almost lukewarm water in the shower and a datacard to connect us to the rest of the world. Otherwise we live our usual daily life, today they organized a Japanese flea market at the center where we go for our course, so we bought many Japanese books. Unfortunately for us the food was meat with teriyaki, which is essentially a BBQ.

What else do we do in our freetime? For example this:

Now time to prepare the midterm test for the students, which will be a take home for two weeks, so tough problems from disc & comb geometry are welcome!